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May 10, 2016

Our Nature Communications paper on high-throughput all-optical electrophysiology comes out and draws attention. The article on Science Daily can be found here.








May 1, 2016

A review/perspective on all-optical electrophysiology comes in the Journal of Physiology, using images from our Nature Photonics paper with Gil Bub on the cover.









April, 4 2016

Dr. Entcheva is inducted as a Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE) for "pioneering work in cardiac optogenetics & spearheading the development and biophysical characterization of new bioengineering tools towards all-optical electrophysiology








January 2016

Our lab relocated to The George Washington University into a brand new space in the Science and Engineering Hall.









October 2015

Collaborative work between my lab and Dr. Gil Bub's lab at Oxford appeared today in Nature Photonics.
Unlike any application of optogenetics to date (neural or cardiac), beyond triggering or suppressing electrical activity, we demonstrate the first fine "excitation wave steering" using computer-generated dynamic light patterns (movies), while simultaneously tracking the waves with a novel high-resolution interferometric dye-free imaging.

It literally involves twisting cardiac spiral waves around by light - a bit of a science fiction. 🙂

The paper can be found here.

Media coverage:

September 2013

Press/media coverage of our recent work on cardiac optogenetics - some shown below:
Science Daily: Researchers Aim to Use Light Not Electric Jolts To Restore Healthy Heartbeats

BioOptics World: Optogenetics Could Correct Life-threatening Arrhythmias

Scientific Computing: Using Light Not Jolts To Restore Healthy Heartbeats

CNET: Scientists shine light on irregular heartbeats





May 2012

Congratulations to Dr. Zhiheng Jia, PhD for completing his PhD! He has been invaluable to the success of the lab and in our first steps into cardiac optogenetics – he will be missed. Jia joins Motorola as an Optical Engineer.

Also graduating this May is Dr. Ujas Shah, MD, a veteran lab member since his first stint with us in 2004 as a high school student – time to leave the Stony Brook nest. He will be starting his residency at Montefiore in NYC.

Finally, congratulations to Cookie Yu, BS, who was chosen to carry the BME banner as an outstanding undergraduate! Cookie will be staying in our lab as a PhD student.






May 2012

Some Awards for old and new lab members:
Congratulations to Dr. Christina Ambrosi, PhD, a Postdoctoral Fellows, whose paper from prior work with Dr. Igor Efimov was selected as one of top 4 for 2011 in the Heart Rhythm jJournal Christina was invited to give a talk at the Heart Rhythm Society meeting in Boston this month.

Congratulations to John Williams, who will continue working on our computational optogenetics project this summer with an URECA award. Joining him will be Xuxin Chen – pursuing MD with scholarly concentration. We are expecting our newest member Mathew Epstein, BME from Binghamton, winner of one of the NYSTEM awards for undergraduates.





January 2012

Dr. Entcheva and her team have been awarded a five-year $2.43M grant from the National Institutes of Health "Cardiac Optogenetics: A Cell Delivery Approach" - the first grant by NIH to specifically expand the new field of optogenetics to the heart. Dr. Entcheva's team has pioneered the application of light-sensitive ion channels to mammalian cardiac tissue and the integration of optogenetics with high-speed, high-resolution optical imaging of excitation. This grant, a collaborative work with Drs. Ira Cohen and Peter Brink, draws on expertise in optical mapping, mathematical modeling, and genetic modification of stem cells for use in cardiac electrophysiology. It aims to develop a quantitative framework for cardiac optogenetics in silico, in vitro and in vivo and to allow imaging and actuation of heart tissue by light with unprecedented spatiotemporal resolution for the better understanding, prevention and termination of life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias.




August 2011

Press/media coverage of our recent work on cardiac optogenetics - some shown below:





August 2009

Wedding bells for current and former lab members this August!

  • Former lab member Rupinder gets married to lovely Ayesa – an Indian wedding in New York!
  • Marcel (our German-in-Japan visiting scientist) ties the knot with lovely Marina – a Japanese wedding!
  • Kwan (new lab member) gets married – a wedding in Taiwan!

Good luck to all!!!





June 2009

New grants: Ujas (now medical student) was awarded the highly competitive Glorney-Raisbeck fellowship in cardiovascular disease from the New York Academy of Medicine to perform research in the lab.

Jackie won a summer URECA fellowship, and Sandy will spend the summer at NIH supported by a bioengineering fellowship.








May 2009

Congratulations to multiple graduates affiliated with the lab!

Harold obtains his MD; Steve, Aashay, Budassi, Hala, and Syed get their B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and Mitch graduates from high school!








January 2008

Mitch deservingly becomes a semi-finalist in the Intel Science Talent competition 2008-2009 for his research project in the lab!









May 2008

Our lab congratulates multiple graduates!
CY and Pei get their PhD degrees in BME and Computer Science, respectively; Ujas, Ravi and Sal get their BME Bachelors degrees!









April 2008

Former lab member Lihong gives birth to sweet baby Cyndi!










October 2007

Our lab is part of a newly NIH-funded grant to establish a Systems Biology Center in New York State (SBCNY). This is a collaborative large-scale effort involving Mount Sinai School of Medicine (MSSM), Columbia University College of Physicians, Stony Brook University, Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences at NYU, City College CUNY and IBM TJ Watson Research Lab.








May 2007

After an impressive PhD work in the lab, our superstar - Harold Bien - obtained his PhD degree and got back to finish up medical school (for his MD/PhD). He was recognized as one of the top five PhD students this year to receive the President's Award for Distinguished Doctoral Students. Well deserved, and science needs you, Harold!

Ujas Shah becomes the second Goldwater scholar from our lab!
This competitive scholarship program recognizes the best undergraduates in science and engineering nationwide.






December 2006

Our review article on optical mapping, which appeared in Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology this year, was featured in Biophotonics International, p.61, under a heading "Toward Ideal Imaging Equipment".









July 2006

Rupinder Singh becomes the second private pilot from the lab!









May 2006

Congratulations to Rupinder Singh, selected as the outstanding BME senior for the 2006 graduating class! And off he goes to Cornell! Good luck!









April 2006

Ujas Shah got the academic year (2006/07) Howard Hughes award (despite the fact that he is just a freshman)!

LAB UNDERGRADS SWEEP MORE AWARDS: Lenny and Rupinder received recognition awards for excellence in research. A hat-trick: Lenny, Ujas, and Ravi got the URECA award to conduct research in the Summer of 2006.








March 2006

Lenny Varghese is awarded a fellowship from the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program.









July 2005

Emilia Entcheva has been awarded two grants from the National Science Foundation - an experimental grant on bioelectricity and cell signaling and a computational grant on applying hybrid automata to biological problems in collaboration with the Computer Science Department.









May 2005

Congratulations to Melissa Farrell and Hui-Jing Yu, graduating with B.S. in BME! For her academic and research excellence, Hui-Jing has been selected as the outstanding BME senior for the 2005 graduating class









March 2005

Lenny Varghese has been selected Howard Hughes Scholar for Summer 2005










December 2004

Our "acoustic micromachining" article in Lab-on-a-Chip has been selected as a "hot article" by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), and featured here: "Microchips killed the radio star"









August 2004

Harold Bien becomes officially a private pilot!









July 2004

Harold Bien is awarded National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Fellowship entitled "Myocardial Response to Particulate Matter Air Pollution"









May 2004

Lihong Yin is awarded the Master's Degree in Biomedical Engineering (Thesis: "Intracellular Calcium Dynamics in Engineered Cardiomyocyte Networks")









April 2004

  • Vikram Dasari admitted to Albert Einstein Medical College for graduate school.
  • Melissa Farrell wins Undergraduate Recognition Award.









November 2003

Emilia Entcheva was awarded a 4 year grant by the American Heart Association to study the hypertropy arrhythmias connection in an engineered model of heart tissue.









July 2003

Emilia Entcheva was awarded a 3 year Research Grant by the Whitaker Foundation: "Electromechanical performance of engineered cardiac syncytia on complex surfaces"









May 2003

Lihong Yin was the only Stony Brook student to receive a Sigma Xi Research Grant

  •  Hui Jing Yu received a summer fellowship through IBRP (Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Program)








April 2003

Cover illustration in April 2003 issue of Journal of Cell Science, accompanying D. Ingber's "Commentary on Tensegrity"; Entcheva E, Bien H, and Yin L. "Mechanical and spatial determinants of cytoskeletal geodesic dome formation in cardiac fibroblasts" (submitted manuscript)









March 2003

Melissa Farrell was awarded Howard Hughes Medical Institute Summer fellowship









October 2002

Harold Bien won 1st Place in the Annual IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Conference Student Paper Competition at the Second Joined BMES and IEEE EMBS Meeting in Houston, TX









Fall 2002

Lihong Yin and Harold Bien were elected into Sigma Xi for excellence in research

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